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Review for 1st time CPR training
BLS training while saving $$$

Hey everyone, make sure you register and take this BLS course. Upon research, you’ll realize that not only will you save money but you will also find times, dates and slots not offered anywhere else in DFW. Also, this course is verified by the American heart association (AHA). I was able to take my time while learning proper BLS skills in a safe environment, Thank you TexasCPR.

Review for CPR Class
Very patient instructors

I want to personnel invite you or your company to take CPR Training and or First Aid training It is so important for all of us to have basic cpr training or first aid training. In today times, as you know you never know when those skills will have to be put to the test. Car accidents happen way to frequently and you might be the first responder to the person or people that you have to help because you are the only one at the scene of the accident. Or in a resturant having dinner and all of a sudden someone is choking. We have to stay prepared for emergencies. Jennifer and her instuctors are the best in the industry for your CPR/First Aid training. Stop by or call Jennifer at the number listed.


If you truly want to LEARN CPR, Jennifer is your girl!! She’s amazingly knowledgeable!! She’s passionate about her love for saving lives! I suggest scheduling ALL of your CPR needs with TEXAS CPR

Review for Review for CPR Training Center
Great Training Center

Jennifer is knowledgeable and helpful with years of experience in training instructors and teaching students. She will gladly help with any questions or concerns you might have regarding CPR training or instruction. She makes herself readily available to assist the instructors under her center. I would highly recommend Texas CPR if you are in the Dallas area for all your CPR training needs.

Review for CPR/First Aid
Learned Alot!

I would recommend this instructor/class because it was very informative! Jennifer was also very welcoming and made us feel comfortable. It was a long class and so glad that she had some humor to add to it! We also contacted her prior to the class to make sure we were taking the correct class for fostering and she was very helpful in making sure we were signed up with the correct class. Will return in 2yrs!

Review for CPR

I think this class is easy to understand and very educational and well taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. Highly recommend!

Review for CPR Training
What a great class and instructor!

I had to get CPR training for my new profession and I have to say, Jennifer with TX CPR was so amazing! The price was by far the best, and I did a lot of research. The location was easy to find, with plenty of parking. And most importantly, she really knew her stuff and she made it FUN! What a great instructor! I recommend her class to anyone in need of CPR training!

Review for Cpr heart aha healthcare provider
Great instructor

Always been amazing using for my 2nd cpr renewal

Review for CPR and First Aid
CPR and First Aid

Jennifer is AWESOME! My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed her training! Thank you for making CPR and First Aid fun, engaging, and informative!!

Review for CPR training
CPR training

Jennifer came to our site (an office setting) and trained 6 highly motivated individuals in CPR. Her instruction method was engaging, hands on, and very effective (reviews from all participants were extremely positive). Would recommend you consider bringing Jennifer to your site for efficient CPR training (she even brought her own TV/DVR so that there were no “technology issues” that would interfere with instruction time).

Review for CPR and First Aid
TexasCPR makes it fun!

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive class, this is the place to be. Most classes are boring, but not only does Jennifer have expert knowledge, she makes her classes fun. I’ve been coming to TexasCPR since the early 2000’s to renew my certification and won’t go anywhere else. So, don’t be stuck in a boring class. Learn and laugh.

Review for CPR Class
Awesome Class!

What a great class!

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